Sunday, December 29, 2013

Manchester: Hadramout

Hadramout is a secret treasure in Manchester on Curry Mile.  We arrived at the restaurant at just about noon when it opens.  They saw us waiting outside though and let us in and gave us some karak tea!  So warm and perfect.  We thought that the only tables in the restaurant were downstairs at the entrance but it turns out there is a huge upstairs with carpeted rooms!  There is a huge main room which seems to be for the men and then there are several smaller rooms in the family section.  We decided to sit in one of the family rooms which is about the size for 2 people and maybe up to 4 if you squeeze in.

As usual we started off the meal with some maraq lamb broth soup and salad.  The salad dressing and sahawiq are in bottles which is so clever!  It works really well to squirt the sahawiq over everything and it wasn't spicy here at all and tasted great with everything.  I had also ordered some yogurt salad just in case to mediate any spiciness.

For main dishes, we got lamb kebsa and chicken fahsa.  I had originally ordered chicken ogda but the Yemeni guy said they couldn't make it in the black pots I think because there are too many bones.  I don't like bones in the chicken ogda anyway and so he offered to make chicken fahsa which would fit in the black pot.  It was my first time trying chicken fahsa and it was really good.  They made it with a tomato base so it actually tasted like the chicken ogda that I like!  So perfect.

They also make malawah bread here which was awesome and made the meal complete.  Another nice surprise is that they make fresh juice!  We had fresh lime juice with the meal and it was really good.

For dessert, we had some fatta masoob.  It's very heavy and we were so full by the time we started to eat it but it was yummy.

Hadramout is many times better than Queen of Sheba Restaurant in London and also 1/3 the price!  We paid £22 for 2 people for this amazing and perfect lunch at Hadramout.

1 Walmar Street East
Manchester M14 5SS
Neighborhood: Rusholme
+44 161 248 8843