Friday, February 21, 2014

New York: Saba Restaurant & Grill

Saba Restaurant and Grill is not really a Yemeni restaurant. The staff are from Northern Africa, such as Tunisia and Algeria. They serve some Yemeni dishes but they were just adequate. The tea was fine but nothing special. The maraq soup could have been better. The salad was adequate. The fresh bread was decent. We tried the chicken ogda and it was just okay. The lamb kabsah (zerbian) was decent but the rice could have been better. We tried to order dessert but they did not have sabayah that day. The kind Algerian guy did make us some fatta dessert on the house which was quite delicious but I'm hesitant to recommend this place as this should be on the menu or always available and not just a one off.  $37 for two people. The price is too high for 2 main dishes for lunch that were just adequate.

Saba Restaurant and Grill
25-75 Steinway St
Long Island City, NY 11103
Neighborhood: Astoria
(718) 777-5656

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New York: Famous Yemen Sweets

Famous Yemen Sweets is a new addition to the Bay Ridge area and just opened last week! We were having lunch at Yemen Restaurant and learned that this dessert shop next door just opened! They are very kind here and let us try all the different sweets and even gave us some coffee. They feature the traditional Yemeni harissa dessert, a chocolate peanut flour mush that is very yummy! They also have halwa and some other candy-like items that I can only describe as something between Turkish delight and gummy candies.

The kind Yemeni man working there when we visited said they also plan to have fresh juice in the future. I really hope it happens soon! In the mean time, they serve some very light Arabic coffee. This is definitely a spot to go to if you want to try something really new and also very authentic. There is seating inside the bakery where you can sit and enjoy the coffee and sweets. The sweets are $5.99 per pound.

Famous Yemen Sweets
6708 5th Ave
New York, NY 11220
b/t Senator St & 67th St in Bay Ridge
(347) 517-4106