Yemeni food is amazing and ever since my Yemeni friends introduced me to it, I've been hooked!  One of my goals these days is to try to visit any Yemeni restaurant that happens to be where I'm traveling.  I'll be trying to make a master world list of where to find Yemeni food.  If you haven't tried Yemeni food yet, please try it soon because it's so good!  I hope this blog will be useful for everyone to try Yemeni food.

View Yemeni Restaurants in a larger map

This is a map of Yemeni restaurants in the world outside of Yemen of course. A yellow marker means I've been and posted about the place with a link to the post right in the information box. A pink marker means I may have been but haven't written about it yet or am planning to visit hopefully soon!  A blue marker means the restaurant closed.  Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me with any Yemeni restaurants you know about!

Based on a study S and I did with American Community Survey 2006-2010 data, the top Yemeni populations in the US are in Detroit and NYC.  I guess these will also be the locations of the best Yemeni restaurants in the US!

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