Monday, January 6, 2014

Washington DC: Al Jazeera Restaurant

Al Jazeera Restaurant is actually located outside of Washington DC in Falls Church, Virginia in a little shopping center with many Ethiopian shops and businesses. While there are some Yemeni dishes on the menu, it turns out that this restaurant is more Ethiopian than Yemeni. We started off with some maraq soup and salad. We then ordered two main dishes, lamb mandi and chicken mandi, and some fasoulia. I also got a fresh strawberry juice. It was all pretty good, but the sahawiq was really, really spicy!

Unfortunately they did not have any dishes in the black pots like salta, fahsa, or ogda.  Also, $52 for 2 people seemed a bit high but they rushed us at the end before I could think about it too much. We wont be back here...

Al Jazeera
3813D S George Mason Dr
Falls Church, VA 22216
Neighborhood: Skyline
(703) 379-2733