Friday, October 4, 2013

New York: Arth Aljanatain

Arth Aljanatain (مطعم أرض الجنتين) is an amazing Yemeni restaurant in the Bronx.  "Arth Aljanatain" means "the land of two gardens" and there are two murals of gardens inside the restaurant!

Arth Aljanatain was absolutely wonderful!  We got maraq soup and salad (had Ranch dressing...!) as the starters.  As we had a vegetarian in the group, this gave me a great opportunity to order some of the non-meat dishes that I usually don't order.  So I asked for fasolia beans and shakshouka (these are actually breakfast items).  The fasolia beans were wonderful and in the traditional black clay pot.  The shakshouka came out as some eggs on top of cubed tomato... not quite shakshouka but still good.

We also got fish ogda and lamb mandi.  The fish ogda was perfectly made and absolutely amazing!!  The lamb mandi was also full of flavor and soft with perfectly fluffy rice.  The bread was freshly made and hot.  I liked the sahawiq here since it wasn't that spicy.   As they did not have any dessert available, we ended the meal with some Yemeni spice tea and we were all very happy.  $67 for 7 people.

Arth Aljanatain
700 Rhinelander Ave
Bronx, NY 10462
Neighborhood: Van Nest
+1 (718) 918-9191

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